Hello everyone, and thank you so much for your following and support. I’ve been working very hard on my new website, and it is finally released! The name of the blog has changed,… Continue reading

New Rifle Spinning Video!

I made this little teaser trailer for the longer, and less cheesy, video that will be following. I’m going to put together a few of my spinning videos into a montage that’ll *hopefully*… Continue reading

New videos!

In this video I discuss my absolute favorite shoulder workouts; the front plate raise, dumbbell lateral raises, and an upright row¬†performed with a kettlebell. I do most of these exercises with lower weight… Continue reading

Bored with your cardio? Change it up!

I took my cardio session to the great outdoors today with a circuit workout. Here’s the workout: The field I was in was about …500?… feet across, so it was a short sprint.… Continue reading

The dreaded discussion – CROSSFIT

Crossfit is an extremely hot topic among fitness communities, and it’s been that way essentially since crossfit came into being. It’s controversial. It’s debatable. And it’s been both largely criticized and largely supported.… Continue reading

Arm Day Video!

Hey everyone! ūüôā Here’s a new video I just recorded and put together today. Here is exactly what the¬†workout looked like for me if you’re interested in trying it yourself: Dumbbell curls: 1.… Continue reading

A Review of the FitBit Flex

Before we begin, here are some stats and information for the FitBit Flex: My Review of the FitBit Flex (as requested by Ally and Lindsey): The good: – Ease of use –… Continue reading

The most elusive, yet the most necessary, part of fitness – MOTIVATION

What IS motivation? What is MOTIVATION? WHAT is motivation? No matter how you emphasize the question, it’s a difficult one to answer. Motivation is something different to everyone. It’s such a unique experience,… Continue reading

Wok Talk (about why stir fry is the greatest)

There are a lot of really versatile foods out there that are totally customizable. Among them are sandwiches, salads, wraps, burgers,¬†and stir fry!¬† I absolutely love stir fry. You can put whatever you… Continue reading

Why You Really Should Throw Away Your Scale

Fitness¬†is an extremely powerful tool that can be used to bring out the very best in a person when approached in positive and constructive ways. On the flip side, though, fitness also has… Continue reading