The most elusive, yet the most necessary, part of fitness – MOTIVATION

What IS motivation?
WHAT is motivation?

No matter how you emphasize the question, it’s a difficult one to answer.
Motivation is something different to everyone. It’s such a unique experience, actually, that it’s actually easier to stay by saying what it ISN’T…

It can’t be given to you by someone else.
It doesn’t magically appear in your morning coffee.
It won’t emanate of the pages of a fitness magazine.
It won’t come from depricating self-talk.
It isn’t the by-product of the newest fad diet.
Motivation is not external.

And, most importantly, it’s not a side effect of fitness.


Our society always has and always will facilitate norms, phases, fads, and the latest “this” or the latest “that.” Right now it seems that fitness is “in.” It’s the latest, greatest, and coolest way to spend our time and our money. Unfortunately, though, society doesn’t promote fitness for the sake of public health. (When was the last time you looked at a magazine cover and saw the headline, “lose weight at a healthy rate of 1-2 pounds a week over the course of a year”? Never. It’s always, “LOSE WEIGHT FAST,” “DO IT NOW,” “SIX PACK SIX PACK SIX PACK.”) No, these magazines and social media outlets hardly care about our individual health. They care about our MONEY and what we LOOK like. They want us to be thin, but not too thin. Now they want us to be muscular and curvy in all the right places. They want plump breasts for women, strong pecs on men, and shapely arms and legs no matter the gender. (Shapely with muscle and strength, of course.) So, they provide us with their “miracle” diets and workouts to help us achieve the level of fitness that would have society welcome us with open arms.


But WHO is society? WHAT is society?

It’s arbitary, really, but somehow still exercises an immense amount of control over our minds. Enough to make us think that flipping through the pages of a magazine and essentially being told that we look “wrong” because we don’t look like THAT will instill us with some sort of will and drive to “do what it takes” to get that “summer beach body.”


Motivation is something that’s earned.

It accrues over time, and the more you make use of it, the stronger it gets.

It can be found both in happiness and in anger; in joy and in sadness.

Though it’s everywhere around us, it’s oddly elusive and hard to obtain.

It must be nurtured and cared for.

It must be appreciated and well-used.

It must be trusted even when you think it’s left you.

Motivation is persistence.
Motivation is doing it anyway.
Motivation is going the distance.

It’s made BY you, FOR you, and with you in mind.

Motivation is your custom creation.
Make the best of it and do with it what you will.

 – – –

Pura vida and stay strong, Fit4Reviewers!