New videos!

In this video I discuss my absolute favorite shoulder workouts; the front plate raise, dumbbell lateral raises, and an upright row performed with a kettlebell. I do most of these exercises with lower weight and higher reps partially because I don’t have the equipment I’d need to do higher weights, and also because I’d like to build size in my shoulders. (If you’re lucky your gym will have 35 and 45 plates with handles as well! Mine only has 25’s with handles.)

– – –

In this video I am performing the pendlay row for the first time! I wanted to take this video of my form and execution to highlight the differences between the pendlay and the standard barbell row…

(1) In the pendlay row your back will be parallel to the ground vs. a 45 degree angle with a barbell row. (My back rose above parallel for many of my sets, and this is likely because I was using too high of a weight. I had to throw my entire body into it to accomplish an explosive movement *more on this below*, and it caused my back to break form.)

(2) In the pendlay row you will set the weight down, or come to a stop with your arms fully extended or resting, after each rep. With a barbell row you will be performing all the reps in a fluid motion without setting the weight down.

(3) In the pendlay row the emphasis is on a more explosive movement from the ground to pull the weight up rather than the, again, fluid movement of the barbell row.

(4) Lastly, the pendlay row is performed with an overhand grip vs. the barbell row which can be performed either over- or underhand.

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Pura vida and stay strong, Fit4Reviewers!