“I don’t have the time.”

This blog was directly inspired by my friend Lindsey who suggested I write about common excuses for not working out. I really liked this idea, and when she first gave it to me… Continue reading

At-home workout suggestions

Hello readers! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I recently (finally) got a full-time job, so I’ve had less opportunity to blog. But I’m back, and I’m here to post some… Continue reading

Cardio & Bulking; friends or foes?

I wasn’t planning on posting a blog today, but my interest was sparked after a conversation with my husband this morning. I made a comment to him that if he wants to build… Continue reading

Calorie Counting

Bear with me while I lay out some numbers here… Daily recommended intakes for various (macro)nutrients: MALES – CARBS – 130 grams/day MALES – FIBER – avg. 34 grams/day MALES 9 to 18… Continue reading

Fit4Review’s premiere entry

So what’s my story?   I’ve always been small. For most of my life I was oblivious to what it meant to be body conscious because my appearance just wasn’t something I worried about,… Continue reading