Set your 2014 Benchmark with Fit4Review’s FIT TEST

With the new year coming up I’m sure you’ve all got tons of new fitness goals running around in your head. They may be strength, cardio, endurance, maybe nutrition related, or even just… Continue reading


This post was inspired by Marisa who was interested in the effects of caffeine on general health, and by extension, fitness. – – – Caffeine can be a very powerful tool used to… Continue reading

How I lost 25 pounds in 4 months – A Guest Post by Zach Koch

“My girlfriend recently left to teach in Japan for a year. We had decided to spend the time prior to her departure in gluttony, a celebration of Austin food and drink culture.  It… Continue reading

Body Weight Workout Challenge

This post was inspired by Kamy who wanted me to put together a workout challenge. I believe she had in mind something similar to the (very popular right now) 30 Day Squat Challenge,… Continue reading

New year’s resolutions and why NOT to make them

We all know it’s true; gym-goers and resolution-makers alike. January is probably the single busiest month for every gym out there. Why? The answer is obvious, isn’t it?… The infamous New Years Resolutions, which almost… Continue reading

Newbie’s Guide to Effecient Warm-up and Cool-down

This is an absolutely WONDERFUL, and very informative, post about stretching in regards to warming up- what to do, what not to do, and HOW to do it. Definitely a must-read!

Why I Started (And Continued) Lifting- a guest post by Molly Brooke

“The decision to get in shape, and start weight lifting specifically, was a relatively impulsive one. A friend of mine had started power lifting, and was doing quite well for herself. She encouraged… Continue reading

Common Fitness Misconceptions

This post is inspired (again) by my wonderful friend Lindsey who asked that I talk about common fitness misconceptions. So, here we go! 🙂 There are TONS of them. Here are just a… Continue reading

The Foodie Side of Fitness

A friend of mine sharing her insight in nutrition. Great information, and fun to read. 🙂

Find YOUR role model; the RIGHT role model

I saw this video by Elliot Hulse (the strengthcamp youtube channel), and it brought that quote to mind. In his video Elliot addresses the question, “why are crossfitters so jacked?” His main point is… Continue reading