Bored with your cardio? Change it up!


I took my cardio session to the great outdoors today with a circuit workout.
Here’s the workout:

IMG_20140608_130255 (1)

The field I was in was about …500?… feet across, so it was a short sprint.
Feel free to increase or decrease the rep numbers, even add an exercise if you want!
But this circuit as is was pretty killer. 🙂

My husband and I did it together and we managed 5 total reps with 60 second rests in between the first two and 90 sec in between the last two.
(As you can see I wrote “@ least 3!” under the reps, so getting 5 was a good accomplishment.)


^ and there’s the aftermath!

But I wasn’t content with stopping there…
Since it’s so nice out today I decided to spin my rifle a bit.


Here’s a couple videos:

And here’s an outtake haha

– – –

Happy cardio, Fit4Reviewers!