Compound Exercises

Hey Fit4Reviewers! This post was inspired by my husband who wanted me to give some examples of compound exercises. So, let’s get to it! First of all, there are the classic compound exercises:… Continue reading

Tights, leggings, and pants, oh my!

Hey Fit4Reviewers! This post was inspired by Nick, via email, who wanted me to write about the ever-popular LEGGINGS AS PANTS debate. Well let me first say, umm duh… leggings are not pants. Just like… Continue reading

Muscle Building 101; Core

Hey Fit4Reviewers! Welcome to part three of Muscle Building 101! If you missed out, the first part included an introduction to muscle building as well as upper body exercises, and the second part included lower body exercises.… Continue reading

How should you start running? It’s simple. You shouldn’t.

Hey Fit4Reviewers! I hope you’re all having wonderful Saturdays, and now that the night’s winding down, it’s the perfect time to sit back, relax, and get pumped by this blog… ;D This post… Continue reading

Top Fitness Excuses

Hey Fit4Reviewers! Remember in that blog from early October when I said I was going to create a facebook survey to gather data on some of the most common fitness excuses AND that… Continue reading

But what if I just reallllly DON’T feel like it?

Sometimes the idea of going to the gym and eating a healthy, balanced dinner makes me feel like that squirrel up there.., Exhausted. Exasperated. Miserably unmotivated. And we’ve all been there, haven’t we?… Continue reading

Brotein and nutrition tid-bits

Welcome back! Today’s blog is going to be a combination of inspiration from my mom (who wanted to hear about protein powders), and my friend Alyssa (who wanted to hear about some nutrition… Continue reading

I think everyone got it all wrong…

Yup. This picture again, and quite the controversy it’s stirred, hmm? From people claiming she’s an inspirational hero, to people shaming her for supposedly fat shaming others… But I think both sides got… Continue reading

Muscle Building 101; Lower Body

Welcome to part two of Muscle Building 101! – This post was inspired, again, by Kathleen who suggested I post a beginner’s guide to weight lifting, and also by all the wonderful people… Continue reading

Muscle Building 101; Upper Body

It’s that time again… This blog was directly inspired by my friend Kathleen who suggested I post a beginner’s guide to lifting. So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. This guide will… Continue reading