Who am I?

Well, other than being a fitness blogger extraordinaire, I am just a 22 year old fitness enthusiast. I’ve recently graduated from Texas A&M University (WHOOP!), and I have a BS in psychology. I often tell people this basically means I have a degree in nothing, because let’s be honest, there’s not a whole lot you can do with a bachelor’s in psych. But I have dabbled in management, HR recruiting, and I hope to get my foot in the door for marketing soon. I may not be on my way to being a world-famous therapist or completing any life-changing research, but I love where I am in life. I’m educated. I’m working. I’m fit. Oh, and did I mention I’m married to the love of my life?

People often joke that we got started “right out of the gate,” or make comments about our young age when they find out my husband and I are in fact spouses. But I shrug it off and remind myself how lucky I am to have met my soul mate so early on. We are the parents to two beautiful (HOLD YOUR BREATH) …guinea pigs! They’re names are Elvis Oinkerton and Bruce Wayne.


That’s Bruce on the left and Elvis on the right being super cute as always.

My husband and I just recently road-tripped ourselves and Elvis all the way from Texas to Massachusetts. (We got Bruce shortly after we arrived in MA.) We relocated for his job, and we absolutely love it up here! Texas was a bit too hot and barren to say the least, but I will always love and miss my home, Austin.

Other than fitness, guinea pigs, and my husband, there’s not much to me. I’m just your average person who happens to love blogging about fitness. I hope you’ll take the time to browse around, and I really hope you enjoy what you see. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Pura vida and stay strong!

– – –

I do not claim to be a professional in any capacity.
– K.Garcia