Wok Talk (about why stir fry is the greatest)

There are a lot of really versatile foods out there that are totally customizable. Among them are sandwiches, salads, wraps, burgers, and stir fry! 

I absolutely love stir fry.
You can put whatever you want in it.
You can choose any type of meat or none at all.
You can cook it with any sauce and any kind of oil.

…and if you’re anything like me, the best part is that you can throw a ton of week-old veggies in the wok and turn it into an A+ stir fry.

I always find myself buying an overload of vegetables at the beginning of the week that I never get around to eating, so stir fry comes in super handy. Plus it can be loaded with nutrients from the meat, the (brown) rice, and the vegetables I decide to toss in. It’s a healthy and balanced meal, and not to mention… It’s cheap!

Additionally, stir fry is a great way to work some extra meat into your diet. (For me, this is a HUGE perk, because I have a lot of trouble eating enough protein.)

Does that look good or what?

Does that look good or what?

The stir fry above might just be one of the best I’ve ever made. It’s got chicken, green beans, cauliflower, carrots, red onion, and green pepper. There’s brown rice in the pot in the back. (I find that cooking a bunch in advance and just having it ready whenever I need it works best.) I started with olive oil, and I seasoned with a little bit of rice vinegar, sesame oil, and soy sauce. (Low sodium soy sauce, of course, because I eat so much of it!)

– – –

Pura vida, stay strong, and go make some stir fry, Fit4Reviewers!