Set your 2014 Benchmark with Fit4Review’s FIT TEST

With the new year coming up I’m sure you’ve all got tons of new fitness goals running around in your head. They may be strength, cardio, endurance, maybe nutrition related, or even just something as simple as finding the motivation.

No matter your goals, here’s a fit test that will get you one step closer to achieving the body and strength you want no matter the level you’re starting at.

It’s a body weight, no equipment (except a pull up bar) Fit Test for you to complete to set your benchmark for 2014.
Take the test, record your results, send them to me *if you want*, and work toward upping your numbers throughout the year.
Then, when you’re ready, take the test again and see just how much of a beast you’ve become. 😀

The test can consist of any of the following exercises, so feel free to pick and choose which ones you’d like to do, or do all of them if you’re feeling crazy:

Diamond push ups
Military push ups
Regular push ups
Fingertip push ups
Knuckle push ups
Clapping push ups
Dips (w/ a chair, bench, or smith machine)
Air squats
Bulgarian split lunges
Wall sit
Front plank
Side planks
Reverse crunches

The idea is to complete one set of the exercise with the maximum amount of reps, or maximum amount of hold time for the static exercises. You may take as long as you need in between exercises in order to make sure you’re fresh and can really reach your max for each one.
(For example, my fit test took me about 45 minutes to complete, and I only did 13 total sets.)

I will be recording results in the form of a note on Fit4Review’s facebook page. Feel free to follow along or just take a glimpse if you’re curious. 😉

If you choose to participate (first of all, thank you) you can message me your results via facebook, email me your results at, or simply comment them on this post.

Pura vida, Fit4Reviewer’s and stay strong!