Common Fitness Misconceptions

This post is inspired (again) by my wonderful friend Lindsey who asked that I talk about common fitness misconceptions. So, here we go! 🙂

There are TONS of them. Here are just a few of the ones I’ve seen/heard more regularly:

– Targeting specific areas for fat loss; No. Just no. You lose weight naturally in whatever order suits your body. You can do as many crunches as you want, and while you will be developing muscle underneath, you will not be melting fat away solely in the belly region. You have to diet and exercise consistently, and eventually the fat will fall off where you want it to.

– “Toning” muscles; What this basically means is that you want to be able to SEE your muscle definition, which means you’re going to need to BUILD your muscles until the are BIG enough to see. There is no dainty, feminine way to “tone” your arms or your legs or your tummy. But you can, however, build muscle in all those areas and expect to eventually start to see their definition. Welcome to weight lifting. 😉

– “Lifting will make me too bulky”; This is a phrase most often uttered by idiots. Those who claim that they don’t lift because they don’t want to look like this:


OBVIOUSLY HAVE ZERO CONCEPT OF HOW INCREDIBLY HARD THESE WOMEN WORKED TO REACH THAT POINT. They follow very strict diet and exercise regimens that I highly doubt anyone saying “I don’t want to get too bulky” would ever even DREAM of following. And for the people who look, like, huge, unapproachable-type bulky, let me introduce you to the words steroids and supplements. Long story short? You would have to push yourself really damn hard to achieve the overly-muscular look you’re afraid of.

– Women should workout differently than men; Um, why? Women may not initially be able to move around as much weight as their male counterpart (thought this isn’t always the case), but there’s no reason why she should be doing different exercises. What works for one kind of human most likely will work for the other kind of human. You get me?

– Tons (and I mean TONS) of cardio is the key to weight loss; This is a tricky one, because, yes. If you do a million hours of cardio then you will lose weight. However, you will also lose quite a bit of muscle mass along with it. Unfortunately, too many people write lifting off when it comes to weight loss, but it’s really a great tool. AND, if you’re lifting along with your cardio, you’ll see your muscles growing rather than shrinking. What it really comes down to is what kind of physique you’re after; skinny or fit. But, either way, be sure you EAT plenty to FUEL your body.

But, really, those aren’t the kind of misconceptions that I think need the most attention.
Instead, I think these are EASILY the most false and destructive of them all…

FAST results
MINIMAL effort

6-week 6-pack! Diet pill breakthrough! “How I lost 33 pounds!” Melt away your fat! “How I got thin fast!” “Drop two sizes in just two weeks!” Lose your gut! Flat abs fast! Diet secrets! Look hot in skinny jeans! Fast track your six-pack!

I got all of those slogans from real magazine covers after google image searching, “weight loss magazine covers.” I didn’t even put the words fast or quick in the search! I’m disgusted.

This really shouldn’t be something I need to explain to anyone, but because enough people seem to buy into these lose-weight-fast gimmicks, here it is – GETTING FIT WILL NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT. It won’t even happen in 2 weeks. Or 3. Or 4. It will take MONTHS. Years even. If you are after a quick “solution” then you are approaching fitness with a completely counterproductive attitude, and my guess is that you won’t go far.

And what’s worse is that so many of these same quick-weight-loss tabloids also advertise minimal effort in doing so.


Weight loss is HARD. Getting fit takes WORK. Looking like this:


is not fast or easy.

I am so tired of people wanting a lazy way to look fit. It just doesn’t exist. You have to get up, go out, and exercise. You have to eat the right kind of fuel for your body. you have to make lifestyle changes to make these things happen. You aren’t just going to somehow magically lose that amount-of-weight-you-need-to-get-rid-of by doing nothing, and you definitely won’t build up those whatever-body-part-you-want-to-be-buff without dropping some serious sweat.

I encourage everyone to take steps towards living healthy lives through fitness and a balanced diet, but I also want everyone to realize that it’s NOT easy. That being said, it’s one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done with my life. Hard, yes. But so so worth it.

– – –

I would just like to add this- the “fast results, little effort” ploys can work, albeit temporarily. They are not long-term plans, and they usually aren’t even achievable for more than a few weeks. Most often these things lead to unhealthy weight loss and result in weight gain soon after they’re over. They are not an ideal way to achieve your goals even if they do work for a little while.

I would also like to address this sentences, “what works for one kind of human will most likely work for the other kind of human.” My point in this is not that all people can get the exact same results by doing the exact same things. We are all different, and for that reason, different things work better/worse for different people. What I meant by that sentence is that there is no reason why one type of human (males) should be able to do a certain exercise and see positive results while another type of human (females) should for some reason avoid doing that type of exercise just because they’re a different type of human. We can all do the same exercises and see positive results. Our hormones will take care of the rest.

– – –