Tights, leggings, and pants, oh my!

Hey Fit4Reviewers! This post was inspired by Nick, via email, who wanted me to write about the ever-popular LEGGINGS AS PANTS debate.

Well let me first say, umm duh… leggings are not pants. Just like skirts aren’t pants. And shorts aren’t pants. And slacks aren’t pants. Leggings are leggings.

So, really, the statement itself is fundamentally flawed.

This being the case, I think what people mean to say is, “leggings are not meant to be worn in place of pants,” but even then I think what people really mean to say is “I’m sorry for being a pompous jerk and taking the liberty of telling you what you can and can’t wear.” But I digress…

Leggings, tights, whatever you want to call them…
Here’s an example of something that was most likely meant to be worn under something else:

leggings2 leggings3

– Transparent, basically completely SEE THROUGH.
– Thin and unreliable material.
– Cheap; can probably be bought for $10 at Target.
– Probably not very warm.

I’m not here to tell you that leggings like the above examples CAN’T be worn as pants, but as your fellow human being, I will tell you that they are probably better off being worn as under garments of some kind. The reason being that for quite a long time I wore leggings like this without even realizing how much of my butt was on display for the rest of the world to see. So for those of you in that same boat, let it be known… All of your butt. That’s approximately how much is on display.

But, for those of you intentionally going for that totally see-through look, these are the best product on the market. Do as you please, and while I may take notice of the fact that I can see your thong clear as day, I won’t take it upon myself to tell you that what you’re wearing is somehow wrong.

Now, on quite the opposite end of the spectrum…
Here’s an example of workout leggings/tights/compression pants/WHATEVER:


– Thick; the opposite of see through.
– Solid and long-lasting material.
– Expensive… ohhh so expensive.
– But most importantly, FUNCTIONAL.
> Warm, flexible, and generally moisture wicking.

THESE. These are meant to be worn in place of pants, because NO ONE WANTS TO WORKOUT IN PANTS. It’s a genius creation, really.
And if your next pretentious thought is this: “but people wear these as pants even when they’re NOT working out,” then go ahead and step down from your narrow-minded pedestal and consider the fact that leggings are extremely comfortable. Don’t you like to wear comfortable clothes? Yeah, you do. So do people who wear exercise leggings as pants, which is exactly why they do so.

So what’s the moral of the story?

Leggings are leggings. Do with them what you please.

– – –

Pura vida and stay strong!